Corner Guards: Metal and Plastic –

Choose from extruded plastic construction, or for that high end offering, full metal construction. Either way, Bechik has the right corner to finish off your mattress/box spring “look”. Offered in both plain or with a company name/logo.

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Product Range:
Plastic = 2” Metal = 1.5” and 2”

Guard Shapes Available :
Scalloped, Half Moon, “Cloud”,
low profile

Metal Corner Guards/
Stock Colors
  SX-01 Bright Nickel 2”
  SX-31 Gunmetal 2”
  SX-06 Nickel Ox 1-1/2”
  SX-10 Brushed Satin Ox 1-1/2”
  SX-12 Brass Ox 1-1/2”

Plastic Corner Guards   
Stock Colors
Clear, White, Opaque, Gold,  Silver, Metallic Bronze, Black,  Pearl and Dark Brown

Metal Corner Guards

Metal Corner Guards

Plastic Corner Guards