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Decorative Tufting Rosettes / Components –

Give your mattresses that extra finished appeal on the showroom floor with our one sided or two sided Decorative Rosettes.  They can be attached by hand or pneumatic needle using specially designed tufting tapes.

Our Rosettes are available in the following standard colors.
• Creme
• Creme/White
• White (Natural)
• Optic White
• Gray
• Lavender
• Lite Brown
• Tan (Camel)
• Black
• Mocha
• Lite Blue
• Dark Brown

Decorative Tufting Rosettes

Custom Tufting Rosettes

• Generally speaking, using a tufting tape of 1.5”-2” shorter in length than the height of the bed to be tufted is a good starting point. This allows for the proper amount of compression so the rosette on each side of the mattress is pulled into the bed deep enough so as to not be felt during rest/sleep. Example: In the case of a 12” mattress then, you would want to start with tufting tapes in lengths of 10”-10.5”

* When working with mattresses as thick/high as 10”-14”, we recommend our #100 Tufting Tape. The #100 is the most popular because it does offer the highest amount of tensile strength, especially at the clip junction, (35 psi minimum pull test).

* For mattresses in thicknesses between 10”- 14” you will want to also consider using our felt washers to assure the tufting straps stay in place in the unlikely event a rosette slips from its position on a tape clip.

* With respect to tufting application needles, the vast majority of our customers simply use the #100 Ejector Needle, (which is a hand needle). The clip at one end of tufting tape is inserted into a slot at the tip of the needle, locked in by a lever, and then the needle/tape is pushed through the mattress and “ejected” out once it pushes outside of the mattress, (by releasing the lever that first locked the tufting tape clip in place). Once the tufting tape is released, the washer and rosette need to be pushed over the tape clip “by hand”, (the washer has pre-cut holes in the middle for pushing the clip through, and the rosettes have plastic clips tied into them for the same purpose). Note: Some customers prefer our Air Ejector #100 needle simply because it provides a true “pistol grip” for better leverage in pushing the needle through the mattress. The ejection of the tufting strap clip via air is also faster.

* At present, the longest needle we offer in our #100 Hand Ejector Needle, as well as in our Pneumatic version, is 14”. (This should still be sufficient for most applications).

* Using one of the several “tufting tables” available in the marketplace, (via Atlanta Attachment in the U.S., for instance), makes the tufting process more straight-forward and user friendly. As most tufting tables have the ability to turn mattresses to a vertical position for easier application of tufting straps and rosettes. And, many tufting tables also have the capability of compressing mattresses, which is especially useful when a “tight tuft” is desired or high profile mattresses are being tufted.